Application Form Questions

These are the questions found in the application form

Personal Information

  • Nationality
  • Year of birth
  • Gender
  • Your affiliation (the place where you are currently working/studying):
    • University/Institute/Company
    • Group/Division/Department
  • Country of Affiliation
  • Position:
    • Bachelor student
    • Master student
    • PhD student
    • Post-Doctorate
    • Professor
    • Technician
    • Employee
    • Other
  • Did you already apply to one of the previous instances of the school?

Programming Skills

  • How do you estimate your programming skills in general? Please be honest! We want to have students with diverse skill levels, we don't plan to accept only the best programmers:
    • Novice/Advanced beginner
    • Competent/Proficient
    • Expert
  • How do you estimate your Python skills?
    • None
    • Novice/Advanced beginner
    • Competent/Proficient
    • Expert
  • How do you estimate your exposure to open-source software?
    • Never used / Never heard of it
    • User
    • Minor contributions (bug reports, mailing lists, …)
    • Major contributions (bug fixes, new feature implementations, …)
    • Project membership
  • Do you habitually use a Version Control System for your software projects? If yes, which one?
    • No, I don't habitually use a VCS
    • git
    • mercurial
    • bazaar
    • subversion
    • CVS
    • Other not listed here

Curriculum and Motivation

  • Why do you think Advanced Scientific Programming in Python is an appropriate course for your skill profile? Please take the time to write something meaningful here. This motivation text is the main criterion for selection!
  • Please type in a short curriculum vitae (no links to external files/no list of publications)