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 +===== Applications =====
 +You can [[https://​python.g-node.org/​apply|apply online]]. Application deadline: **23:59 UTC, 26 May, 2019**. There will be no deadline extension, so be sure to apply on time ;-) Check out the [[application_form_preview|preview]] of the application form to see what information is needed for your application.
 +Be sure to read the [[faq|FAQ]] before applying. Some years we received up to 300 applications. Given that we accept 30 [[https://​python.g-node.org/​python-summerschool-2018/​students.html|participants]],​ this makes for an acceptance rate of less than 10%. Candidates will be selected on the basis of their motivation and profile.
 +Participation is for free, i.e. **no fee is charged**! Participants however should take care of travel, living, and accommodation expenses by themselves.
 +Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent by Friday June 21, 2019. 
 +<alert type="​warning"​ icon="​fa fa-warning">​**WARNING:​** You are supposed to know the basics of **Python** and **git** to participate in the lectures! Go through the [[introductory_material|introductory material]] and verify that you know what is in there!</​alert>​